Paid vs. Free Themes

Free WordPress ThemeWhen building a website there are situations where it may be best to start with a paid WordPress theme,
and others where a free theme will work out just fine.

The biggest issue with choosing a paid theme is that you likely won’t be able to test it to see if the time fits your needs until after you’ve spent the money. Free WordPress themes on the other hand allow you to test out a variety of possibilities without putting up a dime.

We typically recommend looking through the gallery of free wordpress themes before looking for a paid theme, unless you’re planning on setting up a web store. Paid themes are recommended for a web store because they typically have much more powerful features and more regular updates. As your wordpress based web store may generate a lot of your income you want to ensure you’re using a theme that is kept up to date to ensure no errors occur.

Paid Vs. Free WordPress Themes

Paid WordPress Themes

The best paid themes can be found on Theme ForestĀ 


  • More support
  • More advanced features
  • More customization options


  • Expensive
  • Often no chance to test theme before purchasing

Free WordPress Themes


  • Many options to choose from
  • Ability to instantly test out the theme
  • Freemium plans – Ability to upgrade to the pro version


  • Less customizing options
  • Less powerful features
  • Often Locked or required paid features
  • Little support

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In conclusion, choosing a wordpress theme can be difficult given the wide variety of possibilities. When choosing a paid theme make sure you look for one that has excellent reviews, and always check to see if there may be a free or light version to try out first.

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